World Service Opportunities

The Eleventh Tool of Debtors Anonymous
We perform service at every level: personal, meeting, Intergroup, and World Service. Service is vital to our recovery. Only through service can we give to others what so generously has been given to us.

Open D.A. Service Positions

Debtors Anonymous regularly needs trusted servants to fill a number of positions throughout its service structure. The positions listed here are service positions, not paying jobs. Each listing has instructions on how to apply and deadlines for submitting applications.

For more information about doing World Service in D.A., please check out this podcast:
GSB Nominations, Procedures and Long Range Planning Committee: World Service Opportunities – Beyond G.S.R.

General Service Board Trustee

10 Reasons to Become a D.A. Trustee:

  1. To give back what I’ve been given
  2. To help D.A. live, prosper and grow
  3. To maintain my own recovery
  4. To demonstrate the power of service to transform lives
  5. To understand how our organization operates
  6. To learn how to apply the Steps, Traditions and Concepts to our service work
  7. To gain humility
  8. To practice leadership skills in a spiritual context
  9. To work with trusted servants who are working a rigorous program
  10. To remember always that I am a part of D.A. and D.A. is a part of me

What it means to be a Trustee (PDF open in a new window)

Applying to the General Service Board – Frequently Asked Questions (PDF open in a new window)

GSB Trustee Application Form (opens in a new window)

*If the Class A applicant currently has an unsecured credit card in their name, they are required to fill out the additional credit card questionnaire [click to download in Word format]

Appointed Committee Member (ACM) 

What it means to be an ACM (PDF open in a new window)

ACM Application Form (opens in a new window)

Open ACM Positions:

GSB Literature/Translation Committee seeks ACM.
ACM needed to assist with various language groups for literary translations. Fluency in one or more of the following languages could prove helpful: Arabic, Farsi/Persian, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, and more, including indigenous languages. Knowledge of e-book platforms and print-on-demand services offered by major vendors would be appreciated.

Project Contributor (PC)

What it means to be a PC (PDF opens in a new window)

PC Application Form (opens in a new window)

Open PC Positions:

1. Writer, Copy Editor, and/or Proofreader PCs
The GSB Literature Publications Committee has literature projects at every stage of development and is looking for members of our Fellowship with expertise in writing, copy editing, and/or proofreading. The Fellowship has approved and developed outlines for several pamphlets which now need to be developed into written literature in U.S. English.

2. Technical Writer/Editor PC
Experienced technical writer needed by the GSB Conference Support Committee to update and edit the 120-page WSC Host Committee Handbook. They may convene a task force of volunteers to complete the project. 

PC – WSC Host Committee Handbook PDF (PDF opens in a new window)

3. Technical Writer/Editor PC
The GSB Finance Committee seeks an experienced technical writer or former D.A. GSB Treasurer to update, edit, and layout the GSB Treasurer’s Manual.

PC – GSB Treasurer’s Manual (PDF opens in a new window)

4. Translators’ Liaison PC
The GSB Literature Translation and Licensing Committee seeks individuals with language skills to help liaise with international intergroups who wish to translate D.A. literature. The role will be to work with them to coordinate communications with LTL including collecting the Assignments of Rights for translated works and to assist with a timeline for translations. Familiarity with the content of published D.A. literature in English is required. The ability to work in Google Docs on a G-Drive would be beneficial.

At the present time, we need D.A. members who have the knowledge and and ability to speak and read in one or more of the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Farsi/Persian, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Ukrainian. Other languages not mentioned are welcome as well including indigenous languages.

5. Google Ad Manager PC
A volunteer Google Ad Manager is needed to serve as an Project Contributor on the GSB Communications & Technology Committee (CommTech). PCs attend monthly committee meetings on Zoom (Sundays) as requested.

This D.A. service volunteer would be responsible for the following:

  • Raising awareness and spreading the message of D.A. using Google search ads.
  • Utilizing the Google Ad Grant that D.A. has received to the fullest extent
  • Optimizing ads, goals and conversions, increasing our click-thru rate, etc.
  • Reporting monthly results using the Ad Grants Conversion Tracking Guide and/or Google Analytics.

PC – Google Ad Manager (PDF opens in a new window)

6. DA Focus Publisher PC
The GSB Communications and Technology Committee (CommTech) seeks a volunteer to “publish” the biannual D.A. newsletter DA Focus.

Work Overview:

  • Collection of content for “DA Focus” according to a theme decided by the General Service Board (GSB).
  • Layout of “DA Focus” as a newsletter in Constant Contact (a mass emailing program).
  • Uploading publications to the D.A. website. 
  • Keep a Database of Assignment of Rights in published works. Updating and making sure the D. A. Office has a backup copy. 
  • Meet with the GSB CommTech Committee as needed to solve/take on tasks.

PC – DA Focus Publisher (PDF opens in a new window)

7. **Project Contributor for a special project of your choice to benefit D.A.**