Upcoming Fellowship-Wide Ballots


Re-Registration of Groups

Our new Registration form is ready for use:


We ask ALL Groups to fill this out before December 31, 2023.


There are two important reasons why this needs to be done now.

1) A.A. has given us permission to change the Steps and Traditions to reflect Gender Neutrality and to expand Tradition 11, if the Fellowship so chooses. So D.A. will be holding a ballot in the New Year for all registered groups to vote on whether to accept changes that were proposed at the Conference in 2023, or not. (Summary of the relevant Conference Motions below.)

Also, there will be a ballot to decide whether to update Tradition 11 to include additional forms of public media.

The Conference Charter, Article 3 ( DAMS 2023 – page 83) requires 75% of registered groups to agree to any change in the Steps and Traditions – not just 75% of the groups that actually vote.

2) The GSB and GSO want to clean up the database so that we are sure the meetings on our list are active, and welcoming, for all D.A. members. Recently it’s been difficult when newcomers call the office, to know if some meetings are still functioning. Some of this is due to the pandemic and the shift to video platforms. But some groups have simply not re-registered in several years. When we are helping members who call the office, we want to be able to say where and when, what focus, and how to access a meeting, without worrying that we are sending someone to a non-existent location or a meeting that is not following the Traditions.

Earlier this year we wrote about this in the Focus. D.A. Focus – First Half 2023. For the first time we are asking you, when you register, to accept the Traditions that keep our meetings healthy.

Summary: Re-Registration is crucial by the end of the year. Please re-register, and encourage your Group and Intergroup to actively seek out other groups who may have let their registration lapse, and encourage them to update via the new form.


The Voting Process

One of the reasons the previous vote to update Tradition 11 did not pass is said to be that non-active meetings still on our meetings list received a ballot but didn’t vote. Since the Charter requires 75% of ALL groups to vote in favor in order to make a change to the Steps and Traditions, any groups that do not vote must automatically be counted as “no” votes. They could not be counted as “yes” votes because they could not be counted in the 75%.

We are putting forward our best efforts to make sure that the vote will be representative of the opinions of all active groups. If your group does not register or re-register between the dates of October 25 and December 31, 2023 we will not be able to send your group a ballot.

Even if you don’t have a GSR, you will need at least two email addresses of trusted servants, one of whom will vote on the group’s behalf. It may be important, where possible, that these email addresses are of long-term members of your meeting. Please note, the contact emails for your group are your group’s access to vote in the coming ballots.

In order to have an impartial and secure vote the GSB has contracted an outside vendor who has expertise in this area of specialized online voting.

This information will be held in the USA by an external data processor and be shared with the company in the UK who will manage the ballot on gender neutrality. Please only share your email address if you consent to this. Some members have found that the best way to maintain anonymity is to create a specific email address for this purpose, such as “solvencyrocks@anonymousexample.com”.

Please note that it is D.A. groups who vote, through their trusted servants. Individual D.A members do not vote. The Ballot will be open long enough for groups to determine their group conscience – approximately three-four months.

Please be assured that the GSB and GSO will do everything we can to reach our D.A.groups. We will use this email method and we will do our best to contact groups via the contact information we have on file. So if you receive this and other emails more than once, we apologize but it’s in service of getting as broad a group conscience on this as we can.

The Vote to change the Steps and Traditions to reflect Gender Neutrality and to expand Tradition 11.

For your information, here are the two motions that were passed by substantial unanimity at the WSC 2023 in Newark:

1) The WSC Literature Committee moves that the conference approves authorizing the General Service Board to send out a ballot to the registered groups of the Debtors Anonymous Fellowship, to include the following:

‘With permission from A.A., the Conference proposes to revise the D.A. Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions by replacing the words he and him with the word God, and to rephrase Tradition Two as follows: “For our group purpose, there is but one ultimate authority – a loving God as God may be expressed in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.”


2) The WSC Literature Committee moves that the Conference update Tradition 11 to strike out the word “and” between “radio and films” and to add at the end “television and all other public media”.

The Tradition would therefore read:

“Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, films, television and all other public media.”

Yours in service,

The AdHoc Committee of the General Service Board of Debtors Anonymous