2019-2020 World Service Recordings


Here are recordings of speaker shares from the Fellowship-wide calls presented by World Service Conference (WSC) Committees and Caucuses and the General Service Board (GSB) Committees from the 2019-2020 term.

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Speaker shares are not intended to be statements of D.A. policy, nor does publication constitute or imply endorsement by D.A. as a whole or the D.A General Service Board.

These podcasts are freely available to the Fellowship. Please consider making a contribution to support D.A.

September 15, 2019 • “Ask-the-GSB: 2019 World Service Conference Recap” • presented by GSB Long Range Planning Committee (Speakers: Amina Z., Tom B., Mary Jane B., Roger H.; Moderator: Michalene)

October 13, 2019 • “Bringing Balance to our Spiritually Sustainable Earning” • presented by WSC Spiritually Sustainable Earning Caucus (Speakers: Roger, Paul, Jeanine; Moderator: Lolly)

November 17, 2019 • “Ask-the-GSB: The Three S’s—Solvency, Sponsorship, and Service” • presented by GSB Long Range Planning Committee (Speakers: Allen T., Carla J., J.P.; Moderator: Michalene R.)

November 24, 2019 • “Dealing With Prosperity: Members Share Their Journeys in BDA” • presented by WSC Business Debtors Anonymous Committee (Speakers: Jeff H., Helena K., Mary Jane W.; Moderator: Kate E.)