Welcome to the Debtors Anonymous Recovery Story Page

The Communications and Technology Committee of the Debtors Anonymous General Service Board is looking for members’ stories to include on the website under the Recovery Stories tab.

The suggested requirements are:

  • Three years of not incurring any new, unsecured debt
  • Experience in working the Steps in D.A.
  • Knowledge of the Traditions
  • Service experience

Story length is between you and your Higher Power. Do keep in mind that these stories may be downloaded and read at meetings. Anyone interested can send their story to communications@debtorsanonymous.org.

In Debtors Anonymous, thousands of members from diverse backgrounds and circumstances have found strong and lasting recovery from the disease of compulsive debting.

Beginning with a commitment not to incur unsecured debt one day at a time, we work the 12 Steps and find a recovery beyond anything we had previously imagined possible.

This page contains the personal stories of many members who have found a new life in D.A. We are glad to share these stories of our recovery with you.

Stories of Recovery

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In the beginning she thought D.A. was for rich people who could not handle their money. She did not think she was good enough to be in D.A., to share in D.A. What could a person like her who grew up on welfare have to offer these people who had a lot of money but who just did not know how to manage it?

This member’s story proves you are never too late for recovery. No matter what your age, by working this program to the best of your ability, you too can experience the miracles and experience the Promises.

The downward spiral into credit card use was swift and started at a young age. Before long one credit card simply wasn’t enough to suffice. However, with more credit came more stress until this member discovered a life without credit cards through a new way of living learned through D.A.

D.A. was not this member’s first twelve-step program but it was the one she came into with suicidal thoughts. Through working the program her life turned around and they began to experience miracles. Her recovery was further enriched by being of service and there was no turning back from there.

This member came into the program wondering if they could really be honest. The answer was yes! Through being honest and working a thorough program they came to experience the miracles of the program. Today life is so wonderful for her.

New stories will be posted as they are received

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