2019 Fellowship Day Speakers

These recordings feature D.A. recovery shares on various topics: the Twelve Steps of Debtors Anonymous, The Twelve Tools, Business Debtors Anonymous, as well as a series on the topic of “Intro to D.A.” entirely spoken in the languages of Farsi, French, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

All sessions were recorded on Saturday, August 10, 2019 at Fellowship Day during the 2019 World Service Conference (WSC) in Los Angeles. The 2019 Fellowship Day theme was “Together We Recover.” All topics, speakers, and recordings were organized locally by the 2019 Host Committee delegated by the Southern California D.A. Intergroup.

Speaker shares are not intended to be statements of D.A. policy, nor does publication constitute or imply endorsement by D.A. as a whole or the D.A General Service Board. Note: Some speakers use language not suitable for all listeners.

These podcasts are solely created by volunteers and made freely available to the Fellowship. Please consider making a contribution to support D.A.


Keynote Speakers

Gala Dinner Keynote (Speaker: Allen T.)
(Note: this recording starts two minutes into the speaker share.)

Lunch Keynote (Speaker: Kathy D.)

The Twelve Steps of D.A.

Steps 1 – 3 (Speakers: Philip H., Domingo; Moderator: Sammy)

Steps 4 – 9 (Speakers: Toni R., Matt S.; Moderator: Sammy)

Steps 10 – 12 (Speakers: Beth P., Mary E., Noel A.; Moderator: Sammy)

Steps 1 – 3 (Speakers: Stephen, Nicholas S., Sierra P.; Moderator: Sammy)

Steps 4 – 7 (Speakers: Geoff W., Dolores D., Angel G.; Moderator: Sammy)

Steps 8 – 10 (Speakers: Jerome S., Sarah V., Bill D.; Moderator: Sammy)

Steps 11 & 12 (Speakers: Lisa B., Susan A., Michalene R.; Moderator: Sammy)

Helping Debtors Recover

Practicing the Twelve Traditions (Speakers: Steve, Deborah R., Liz. V.; Moderator: Mary)

Sponsorship and Trauma (Speakers: Sue D., Kevin, Albert O.; Moderator: John)

How to Deliver a PRG Guided by HP (Speakers: Concetta, Jamila, Sarah; Moderator: Timothy G.)

Working the Twelve Tools of D.A. (Speakers: Zoya, Mark G., Michael H.; Moderator: Margaret)

Recovery in Business through BDA (Speakers: Mindi W., Carolyn C., Brandi M.; Moderator: Margaret)

Numbers: The Spiritual Tool of Record-Keeping (Speaker: Chris M.; Moderator: Margaret)
Note: the green and blue booklets and yellow workbook mentioned are local to Southern California only.

How Being of Service in D.A. Helps Recovery (Speakers: Rob B., Allen T., Sharon S.; Moderator: Margaret)

Intro to D.A. in Six Languages

Intro to D.A. in Farsi (Speakers: Samira, Amina, Rona)

Intro to D.A. in French (Speakers: Jean Camille, Stewart, Cy)

Intro to D.A. in Hebrew (Speakers: Dana A., Eliya, Eliana)

Intro to D.A. in Russian (Speakers: Zoya, Rita)

Intro to D.A. in Spanish (Speakers: Danya D., Arleen M., Lita P.; Moderator: Elizabeth M.)

Intro to D.A. in Spanish (Speakers: Elizabeth M., Fernanda, Rody; Moderator: Domingo)

Intro to D.A. in Turkish (Speaker: Melek)