Essentials of Recovery

Essentials of Service

Downloadable Pamphlets

These pamphlets are being made available for download without charge and may be printed/reproduced for group or personal use. Please consider making a contribution to support D.A.

The use of A.A. Literature in D.A.

Find out why we are anonymous! Clarifies the role of anonymity as a personal and spiritual principle and defines our public relations perspective on anonymity at the level of the mass media.

Attendance at business meetings is one of D.A.’s tools, and is an integral part of recovery. This pamphlet describes how we can overcome our reluctance to participate in our group’s business, and become productive members.

Describes how the General Service Office (GSO) acts as the central administration for all activities affecting D.A. members and groups. Explains the functions of the GSO and suggests how groups can support the Fellowship as a whole through the GSO.

The General Service Representative is each group’s link between local members and D.A.’s worldwide service structure. The role and responsibilities of the GSR are explained in detail.

Thoroughly explains service as one of the Twelve Tools of recovery. Describes why service is crucial to our recovery and how we can receive the vast rewards-and avoid the pitfalls-of service. Discusses all levels of service from our local groups to the World Conference.

Much of our recovery happens in our one-on-one conversations with our sponsors. Find out what to expect from sponsorship, how to obtain a sponsor, and how to reach out with this tool so both participants benefit.