D.A.’s Tradition of Self-Support

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What is D.A.’s Seventh Tradition?

Debtors Anonymous is self-supporting solely through the contributions of D.A. groups and members worldwide. Conducting the vital activities of our General Service Office, developing new literature, conducting public information activities, maintaining the D.A. website, and undertaking other similar activities cannot happen without the financial support of the Fellowship. Because of this, each D.A. member and group is asked to consider providing regular financial support to D.A.

How do contributions from D.A. members and groups help D.A.?

Your contributions support:

  • The General Service Office (GSO), including rent, salaries, utilities, supplies, and insurance
  • Literature development, translation, and publication
  • Public information activities and other initiatives of the World Service Conference (WSC)
  • Bookkeeping, accounting, and legal services, and other administrative expenses
  • Travel expenses for in-person General Service Board (GSB) meetings (once or twice per year)

How can I contribute?

  • Contribute at Meetings: It is recommended that each D.A. member who is able contribute at each meeting. This provides the group with sufficient funds to pay rent, buy literature, conduct special events, build a prudent reserve, and contribute to the local Intergroup and the Fellowship as a whole. Even if you are unable to give, please keep coming back.
  • Direct Contributions: In addition to putting funds in the basket at their meetings, many D.A. members also make direct contributions to help support the Fellowship. They include the contributions in their monthly spending plan, and then either make a monthly contribution online, send a contribution directly to the GSO, or have their bank make a payment using their Bill Pay service.
  • Monthly or otherwise: Other D.A. members send contributions when they are able. Both types of contributions–monthly and non-monthly–are important to meeting the  needs of the Fellowship.
  • Monthly amounts: Concerning individual contributions, any amount that fits into  your spending plan is effective. A contribution of even $5 or $10 every month can make a big difference.
  • Tax deductibility in the United States: For D.A. members in the United States, direct contributions may be tax deductible. 
  • Maximum annual contributions: For members anywhere in the world, the GSB has established a maximum annual contribution level of $12,000.00 US per member, per calendar year.
  • As part of end of life planning, D.A. can accept donations from:

Will Bequests – capped at $50,000 (USD) total; and

Trust Gifts – but limited to $12,000 (USD) annually for not more than five years.

How can my group contribute?

  • Group Spending Plan: It is suggested that meetings create a group spending plan, including setting aside funds for a prudent reserve, which is usually three months of normal expenses or three months’ rent.
  • Contributions to the GSO: If, after meeting all its regular expenses, the group has a surplus, it is recommended that it be distributed monthly or quarterly according to the following formula: if your area has an Intergroup, contribute 50% of any surplus to Intergroup and 50% to GSO. If your area has an Intergroup and an Area GSR Group, then contribute 45% to Intergroup, 45% to the GSO, and 10% to the Area Group. If your area does NOT have either an Intergroup or an Area Group, contribute 100% of the surplus to the GSO.

How can my Intergroup contribute?

It is recommended that Intergroups contribute 100% of their surplus to the GSO.

How can my Area Group contribute?

It is recommended that Area Groups contribute 100% of their surplus to the GSO.

Additional Points

  • Indicate your group number. If  your online, check, or Bill-Pay contribution is from a D.A. group,  you must indicate the group number when making the contribution. If there is no group number indicated, the contribution will be treated as coming from an individual.
  • No outside contributions. Like all Twelve-Step fellowships, Debtors Anonymous does not accept contributions from any person who is not a member of D.A. or from any outside enterprise. We respectfully ask that people or organizations in these categories not contribute to D.A.

Contributions for the John H. Scholarship Fund

The John H. Scholarship Fund, named after the founder of D.A., provides financial assistance to groups that do not have the financial resources to send a representative to the annual Debtors Anonymous World Service Conference. It is recommended that D.A groups and members consider making contributions to this resource.

Make a contribution to the John H. Scholarship Fund here