Here are recent and ongoing announcements for members—especially General or Intergroup Service Representatives (GSRs & ISRs)—to make during D.A. meetings.

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Recent Announcements:

  • DA Votes 2024: 2 motions to make changes to the Steps and Traditions will be voted on by registered groups between Feb 9 and May 10. More information available here:
  • Audiobook versions of A Currency of Hope and the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts are now available from multiple audiobook platforms. If you would like a free copy in DAISY format for the visually-impaired, please contact the Office.
  • Donate $7 on the 7th of every month for the 7th Tradition to celebrate Lucky 7th! [Download]
  • Now Available: The Debtors Anonymous Twelve Steps Study Guide is for sale through the General Service Office and in many countries as a print-on-demand book online! Kindle versions are also available. [Download]
  • Fellowship-wide calls with live speaker shares use the U.S. call-in phone number: 1-605-472-5540, access code: 617093#. International phone numbers (and online access) are available at The Online Meeting ID is darecovery1. Let members know to mark their calendars for these upcoming events:
  • Consider serving at the World Level of D.A. as a General Service Board Trustee or recommend a member for service to one of the four (4) GSB positions currently open, as well as multiple Appointed Committee Member and Project Contributor positions. Visit
  • Make temporary updates to your meeting listing on the world D.A. website. Temporary updates—teleconference or video conference numbers, meeting closures, meeting contact info—will appear in red on your meeting listing and will revert back to the original listing upon request after your meeting starts up in person:
  • D.A. pamphlets are available — individually and bundled together — on Kindle! Visit

Ongoing Announcements:

  • Please encourage D.A. members at meetings to Subscribe to eNews to receive all D.A. announcements!
    ▻ Members can subscribe at
  • Share your story in Ways & Means—the recovery magazine of D.A.—or share an article about service in The DA Focus newsletter. Members can learn more and read past issues at
  • If it fits in your spending plan, please increase your 7th Tradition contributions to support the Fellowship! Meetings and members can donate at Meetings and members can contribute directly to the John H. Scholarship Fund at

D.A. Announcements to print and distribute

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