Welcome. If you are intending to translate D.A’s Conference Approved Literature, or indeed, already translating it, we thank you for your service. Your work is vital to the primary purpose of D.A.

On the GSB’s Literature Translation and Licensing Committee, we are mindful to include all languages in D.A.’s Concept 4 which states that “one of the fundamental principles in D.A. Service is the ideal of equality. To the extent possible in carrying out D.A.’s business we try to emphasize the basic dignity and inherent worth of every individual.”

Below you will find the information and documentation that you need to align with the GSB’s verification process and U.S. Copyright Law. The process of verification is described in ‘Translation Policy’. The other links are, we hope, self explanatory.

If you have any questions at all please email the GSB’s Literature Translation and Licensing Committee at: translations@debtorsanonymous.org