John H Scholarship Program

Applications for the John H Scholarship have closed for 2024.

The general purpose of the Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance to those
GSRs/ISRs who are willing to be of service and to attend the Debtors Anonymous
World Service Conference but don’t have all the necessary funds to do so.

To make a contribution to the John H Scholarship fund, click here: Contribute to the John H Scholarship Fund

Delegates applying for a scholarship must have:
a. One year of not having incurred any new, unsecured debt
b. A committed record of service at the group or Intergroup level
c. Actively working the Twelve Steps and Twelve Tools of Debtors Anonymous
d. Active member of home group
e. Willingness to fulfill Conference duties and to remain a committee member the
entire Conference year.
f. If the GSR/ISR is a returnee to the conference, it is required that they have
attended at least 7 out of 11 of the previous year’s committee’s calls.

Deadline for applications
Scholarship applications must be received 65 days prior to early booking deadline. This allows the committee time to render a decision and reply to applicants in a
timely manner. Applications can be submitted as soon as they become available to
avoid last-minute gridlock. Application forms will also be available at once they become available.
Decisions will be made by the Host Committee at least fifty (50) days before the Early
Registration Deadline. The Host Committee shall provide scholarship allocation
information to the GSB Treasurer at the same time.