An Issue & Concern is a topic for consideration that affects Debtors Anonymous as a whole.

Anyone can submit an Issue & Concern at any time of year. All Issues & Concerns submitted before each year’s deadline of April 1 will be considered at the World Service Conference (WSC) that year by delegates serving at the world level on behalf of the Fellowship of Debtors Anonymous.

Individual Issues & Concerns are assigned to the committees best equipped to deal with the particular subject. These will be the committees of the General Service Board and committees and caucuses of the WSC.

Once an Issue & Concern is submitted it belongs to the group conscience of the World Service Conference.  Responses to the Issues & Concerns submitted at each year’s Conference will be published during the following year on this webpage.

Issues & Concerns will be selected for dissemination and publication at the discretion of the General Service Board based on a number of criteria, i.e. whether the issue has been addressed multiple times already or whether it might be better handled as an inquiry to the General Service Office. To see if your Issue & Concern has ever been addressed, please review past Issues & Concerns at the bottom of this webpage.

Before publication, Issues & Concerns may be edited for clarity and brevity. If you have a point of view that you feel needs to be expressed in its original form, you are welcome to submit an article to the Ways & Means magazine at

Please list any issue or concern below you would like to have considered.

Issues & Concerns From Previous Years