To start a new D.A. meeting (or re-energize an existing meeting) we suggest these resources:

1. Create a Meeting Format

Contains suggested guidelines for the format of a D.A. meeting, which may vary, depending upon the group conscience of its members, using D.A.’s Fourth Tradition as a guide.

Contains suggested guidelines for the format of a D.A. Newcomers Meeting with a First Step focus, which may vary, depending upon the group conscience of its members, using D.A.’s Fourth Tradition as a guide.

Contains suggested guidelines for the format of a B.D.A. meeting, which may vary, depending upon the group conscience of its members, using D.A.’s Fourth Tradition as a guide.

Contains suggested guidelines for the format of a Spiritually Sustainable Earning D.A. meeting, which may vary, depending upon the group conscience of its members, using D.A.’s Fourth Tradition as a guide.

Information on Conducting Business Meetings

2. Include the most recent version of any of these Conference-approved statements in your Meeting Format:

Welcome to Debtors Anonymous

Debtors Anonymous offers hope for people whose use of unsecured debt causes problems and suffering. We come to learn that compulsive debting is a spiritual problem with a spiritual solution, and we find relief by working the D.A. recovery program based on the Twelve-Step principles.

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop incurring unsecured debt. Even if members are not in debt, they are welcome in D.A. Our Fellowship is supported solely through contributions made by members; there are no dues or fees.

Debtors Anonymous is not affiliated with any financial, legal, political, or religious entities, and we avoid controversy by not discussing outside issues. By sharing our experience, strength, and hope, and by carrying the message to those who still suffer, we find joy, clarity, and serenity as we recover together.

Statement of Purpose

In D.A., our purpose is threefold: to stop incurring unsecured debt, to share our experience with the newcomer, and to reach out to other debtors.

A Word to Newcomers

If you are having problems with money and debt and think you may be a compulsive debtor, you have come to the right place. Debtors Anonymous can help you. We offer face-to-face, telephone, and internet meetings, and we suggest attending at least six meetings to have an opportunity to identify with the speakers and become familiar with D.A. before deciding whether or not this program is for you. If you identify with some or all aspects of compulsive debting, we hope you will join us on the path of recovery and find the peace, joy, and love that we have found in Debtors Anonymous.

Inclusivity Statement

The following Inclusivity Statement was approved by the General Service Board in July, 2022 and has been added to the 2022 Debtors Anonymous Manual of Service:

“Whatever your story, you are welcome in Debtors Anonymous. In D.A., we celebrate the rich, diverse experiences of people of all identities. We embrace members of any race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental ability, socio-economic status, religious, spiritual, or philosophical expression, or any other trait. Our various experiences benefit our recovery, so we encourage all members to value differences and actively participate in making D.A. an inclusive fellowship. Together, we create accessible and welcoming spaces for anyone with the desire to stop incurring debt, so that we may all recover one day at a time.”

Responsibility Pledge

“I pledge to extend my hand and offer the hope of recovery to anyone who reaches out to Debtors Anonymous.”

Closing Statement

In closing, we would like to remind you that in Debtors Anonymous we practice Tradition Twelve, which is the principle of anonymity. This assures us the freedom to express ourselves at meetings and in private conversations without fear that our comments will be repeated. We keep what is shared at meetings confidential. As we work the Steps and practice D.A.’s Traditions and Concepts, we are reminded that recovery is possible and that we are all here for a common purpose—to recover from compulsive debting one day at a time.

D.A. Third Step Prayer

Higher Power, I stand before you ready to be transformed. I place myself in your hands. Guide me on my recovery path. Remove my compulsive debting, my self-centered fear, and my own self-will. May I shine to others as a beacon of your power. May I choose to remain on your path always.

3. Print any of these essential D.A. Readings for your Meeting:

4. Stock your Meeting with Literature and Beginner’s Kits:

Use the Literature Order form to order D.A. Conference-approved literature and Beginners Kits.  These kits help new groups provide literature to members.

There are also downloadable pamphlets online that can be printed and read at meetings.

5. Register or Re-Register your Meeting every year:

Click here to fill the form to Register a New Meeting or Update Information for an Existing Meeting.

At the link, members can also Register a new Intergroup or Update Information for an Existing Intergroup.

Annual meeting registration keeps our worldwide D.A. meeting directory as current as possible for new or visiting members and allows the General Service Board and the General Service Office to keep in better contact with our members.

6. Take Care of your Meeting:

Also available in print for purchase through the General Service Office

D.A. Guidelines for Safety in Meetings and Service

Suggestions for conducting Group Inventory

Read the Board written essay “How to Keep Your Meeting Alive”

Helpful terms for D.A. Groups

7. Join Your Local Intergroup, or Start an Intergroup:

The Intergroup Handbook shares best practices for Intergroups and how meetings can join together to start an Intergroup.

8. Attract New Members Through Service and Outreach:

Our guide to organizing special events that are aligned with our Steps and Traditions

A flyer for posting on bulletin boards

The official style guide of Debtors Anonymous for all publications and communications

9. Sponsor-A-Group:

Sponsor-A-Group is a D.A. resource that:

  • Provides new, less experienced or struggling D.A. groups with resources that can help to grow or strengthen their meetings.
  • Assists new, less experienced or struggling D.A. groups meetings to find a Sponsor Group.
  • Assists more established D.A. groups to become a Sponsor group for a less experienced meeting.

To get information on Sponsor-A-Group, visit the Sponsor-A-Group webpage or send an email to:

Once you send your email, you will receive an auto-response containing resources and suggestions for potential Sponsor Groups, Sponsee Groups, and new or struggling groups. If you require further information you can reply to the auto-response with your questions. Someone will reply to your questions as soon as possible.