To Register or Re-Register a group, please click here for our Registration Form (opens in a new window)

To update an existing group click here. *Note you must be a service representative of the meeting.

For Instructions or Frequently Asked Questions about Registration, please click here: Instructions/FAQ

A couple of quick notes in case you don’t want to read the full instructions (but we recommend you do read the full Instructions/FAQ):

Many of the fields are required and the form won’t submit unless you fill them in. But you only have to fill in the sections of the form that are relevant to your meeting. For example, if your meeting is on video only, you don’t have to enter anything in the Face to Face section.
Make sure that after you press submit, you see a page that says “Thank you, your form has been submitted”

Registering your group will allow us provide up-to-date information about your meeting in our meeting list.

Thank you!