D.A.’s Twelfth Step asks us to carry our message to the debtor who still suffers. Working through the principle of attraction, not promotion, we carry that message to the public in an informative, accurate, and nonsensational way.

We can use the tools on this page to help us be more effective in bringing the D.A. program within reach of those who want it.

The Public Information Manual

A handbook for members, groups, Intergroups and area groups that need material to help spread the word about D.A. Explains how to attract new members, encourage support for D.A. and use appropriate methods to reach out to professionals, hospitals and institutions, and local media. (revised 2021)

Public Information Representative Guidelines

Groups and intergroups sometimes use Public Information Representatives to carry the D.A. message to the news media and helping professions. This document discusses the PIR’s role and the importance of working within D.A.’s 12 Traditions.

Information for Helping Professionals

Public Information Outreach—D.A. Flyer

“Problems with money and debt? D.A. can help” was initiated and developed by the WSC Public Information Committee and approved by the General Service Board as a public information outreach tool. Please feel free to download, print, and distribute this service piece to D.A. groups, members, and distribute to institutions and professionals when carrying out public information outreach work.

Twelve Signposts Flyers

Spanish-English Flyer

Public Service Announcements

These audios and videos are approved by the World Service Conference as public information outreach tools. Please feel free to download, copy, and distribute these audio Public Service Announcements to radio stations, and video Public Service Announcements to local television stations. 

D.A. Welcome Video [download video file]
Vídeo de bienvenida del D.A. [descargar archivo de video]
D.A. Radio Spot: “Pushy Collector” [download audio file]
D.A. Testimonials [download audio file]
D.A. Radio Spot: “Business Debtors Anonymous” [download audio file]

D.A. Glossary

D.A. Tear-off Flyer