2020 Fellowship Day Speakers

These recordings feature D.A. recovery shares on the Twelve Steps, the Twelve Traditions, and Recovery in Debtors Anonymous.

All sessions were recorded on Saturday, August 15, 2020 at Fellowship Day during the 2020 virtual World Service Conference (WSC). The 2020 Fellowship Day theme was “Trusting our Traditions.” All topics, speakers, and recordings were organized by the 2020 New York City Area Host Committee.

Speaker shares are not intended to be statements of D.A. policy, nor does publication constitute or imply endorsement by D.A. as a whole or the D.A General Service Board. 

These podcasts are solely created by volunteers and made freely available to the Fellowship. Please consider making a contribution to support D.A.


Keynote Speakers

Gala Keynote (Speaker: Carol B.; Moderator: Maureen C.)

Afternoon Keynote (Speaker: Carolyn B.; Moderator: Maureen C.)

The Twelve Steps of D.A.

Steps 1 – 3: Giving Up
(Speakers: Diana, Beryl, Joanne T.; Moderator: Lisa)

Steps 4 – 6: Cleaning Up
(Speakers: Eric, Annie, Judy; Moderator: Brent)

Steps 7 – 9: Making Up
(Speakers: Elizabeth, Sally, Cathy H.; Moderator: Jill P.)

Steps 10 – 12: Suiting Up, Showing Up, Growing Up
(Speakers: Jill P., Alison, Ellen; Moderator: Howie)

The Twelve Traditions of D.A.

Traditions 1 – 3: Unity, Trust, Identity
(Speakers: Shauna, Kris W., Siobahn; Moderator: Rudy C.)

Traditions 4 – 6: Autonomy, Purpose, Solidarity
(Speakers: Gavriella, Marcy, Sharon; Moderator: Jennifer)

Traditions 7 – 9: Responsibility, Fellowship, Structure
(Speakers: Daniel, Eliana, Julia; Moderator: Alison)

Traditions 10 – 12: Neutrality, Autonomy, Spirituality
(Speakers: Maureen, Jeff, Stephen C.; Moderator: Shauna)

Recovery in Debtors Anonymous

Finding a Higher Power
(Speakers: Benjamin, Annie, Sierra; Moderator: Erin)

We Cannot Do This Alone
(Speakers: Stephen P., ChrisM., Allie; Moderator: Nina)

Don’t Give Up Before the Miracle Happens
(Speakers: Katie B., Marguerita, Pearl; Moderator: Phoenix)