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2024 D.A. World Service Conference

Pre-Conference Orientation Call

Saturday, June 15, 2024


Saturday, June 15th 10:00-11:30 am Pacific / 11:00 am-12:30 pm Mountain

12:00-1:30 pm Central / 1:00-2:30 pm Eastern

5-6:30 pm BST / 19h00-20h30 CEST

Sunday, June 16th 02h00-03h30 JST / 03h00-04h30 am AEST

The 2024 GSB Conference Support Committee (CSC) invites all first-time General Service

Representatives (GSRs) and Intergroup Service Representatives (ISRs); returning GSRs and ISRs; GSB Trustees; and members of the D.A. Fellowship to participate in the upcoming 2024 Pre-Conference Orientation Call.

Topics to Include:

1. Suggested Preparation for the Conference

2. The conference schedule

a.    Daily Schedule

b.    Importance of attending all of convocation

c.    How convocation works

3.What is mentorship and what is expected of a mentor and a mentee?

Service sponsors.

4. Choosing a committee/ caucus

a.    12 committees – How do I pick one of 12?

b.    2 caucus – special interests – understand the commitment

5. Committee Meetings – attendance and participation – Committee starter kit

a.    Making sure the committee considers international schedules

b.    Doesn’t have to be on a weekend

c.    Monthly or more if needed

d.    What if you want to have a Fellowship Wide Call – what to do

e.    Why do we have a Board Liaison and what do they do for the committee

6. Reporting back to the Group

7. Resources for the Service Worker

a.  The DAMS – highlighting info you will want to know where it is

b. The Binder – what is in it and why is it important?

c. The Traditions and the Concepts – specific points (ie, right of decision,

right of participation, etc).

8. A summary section

a. Reporting back after the conference

b. What is happening during the conference stays in the conference.

Conference Dial-in Number:

U.S. call-in phone number: 1-605-472-5540 , Access code: 617093#

International phone numbers (and online access) are available at debtorsanonymous.org/call-in-access

This call will be recorded for playback on our website at this location:


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