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Fellowship-wide Call on Sunday, March 3, 2019, from 1:00 – 2:30 Eastern Time, titled “United We Stand: Importance of Intergroups,” presented by the WSC Intergroup Caucus.

Call-in: 1-605-472-5540, Access code: 617093

For International and Online Access, visit:

For recordings of Fellowship-wide calls (when made available), visit:

Contact persons & Call Leader:

Linda:   267-789-6386
Marcy:  281-353-9346

Purpose of this call:

  • To provide an opportunity to find out the importance of an Intergroup and the challenges that Intergroups might be having.
  • To share experience, strength, and hope of the ways many Intergroups use their websites and to help to develop a working knowledge of the importance of regions.
  • To provide an opportunity for D.A. members to ask questions about Intergroups and inspire them to have their groups either form an Intergroup for the area or join an Intergroup by becoming Intergroup Service Representatives (ISRs).



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