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Proposed Conference Charter Change

August 23, 2017

The Conference Committee of the World Service Conference is proposing that Article 6 of the D.A. Conference Charter be amended to permit certain GSRs and ISRs to participate in the WSC remotely, via electronic means.  This will allow implementation of the 2016 WSC decision to conduct, in 2018, a small-scale trial of remote participation by delegates from outside North America.  The amendment would change Article 6 of the Conference Charter by adding the language italicized below.

6.  The General Service Conference Meetings:  The Conference will meet yearly in a location selected by the Conference.  The Conference may adopt a policy permitting some or all otherwise-eligible delegates who are unable to attend in person to participate remotely.  The Board, in implementing the policy, may modify it if necessary to ensure its effectiveness.  The site of the annual meeting will be selected yearly, at least two years in advance. Special meetings may be called should there be a grave emergency. The Conference may render advisory opinions at any time by mail, email, or telephone poll in aid of the General Service Board or its related services.
The text is being publicized now because a proposed amendment must be sent to GSRs of all registered groups and to all intergroups 180 days before the WSC, where it will be voted on.
Any GSR or representative of an intergroup who has questions may contact General Service Office at:
1 (800) 421-2383 or
email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Please share at your meetings.


August 23, 2017

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