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    Saturday, to 10:45 am
    Pacific Time (US/CAN)

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    Business Owner (BDA), Closed (D.A. members only), Internet, Videoconference

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    Platform: Zoom
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    Primary language: English

    We are the host group for the BDA Solvency Immersion Conference, a unique recovery event for which we have prepared and provided everything any debtor needs to TAKE THE STEPS, with an emphasis on income and earning, work and business, within six months. We prioritize solvency first, Steps second, and everything else third or later.

    We also host DA and BDA recovery events on topics such as: visioning; help with PRGs; doing business without debting; annual business planning; holiday spending plans; and no-drama llamas (staying sane and serene during the holidays).

    Please register via for each recovery event you want to attend to receive your own personal unique zoom links. Although we don't have language skills beyond English, we love to have recovering debtors from other continents join us.
    See our other listing on Sunday at noon.


  • Group number: 122319

    Updated July 2023

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