Daily: 24 hours
Register and subscribe by clicking "Join Group" and filling out the form at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/dontdebt-sharing/info. All sharing will then be sent to your email address. INFORMATION UPDATED FEBRUARY 2018.
Group # 481

This is an online mailing list.
Daily: 24 hrs
Group # 450

Sunday : 10:00 AM-11:00 AM EST
Please note that the Tuesday evening meeting, previously available through stepchat.com, has been disbanded. INFORMATION UPDATED FEBRUARY 2016.
Group # 232

Daily: 24 hrs
Ongoing email list - open sharing. This is a closed English language BDA group. To subscribe, use the link provided and go to bdalist@groups.io. Weekly DA/BDA topics are posted on Sundays, and open discussion of DA/BDA matters is welcome. New members will receive a general welcome message offering guidelines on list etiquette on signup. INFORMATION UPDATED JUNE 2018.
Group # 1395

Daily: 24/7
We are a bit different from a regular DA meeting. We are a facilitated sequential workshop dedicated to the study and implementation of DA literature. The workshop re-starts every two months. We have recordings and you may start at any time. To start, send an email marked 'newcomer' to stepsponsorda@yahoo.com . The group meets by phone every day from 7:00 AM to 8:15 AM CST for updates of group activities, readings, etc. (Starting times for other time zones are 8:00 AM EST, 6:00 AM MST, and 5:00 AM PST.) The phone number is 515-604-9300, access code 741603#. This is an English language group and it is closed to non-debtors. INFORMATION UPDATED JANUARY 2018.
Group # 1426

Placa Esglesia, 17-1 (A la atencion del Grupo DA Solvencia Skype)
Sabados y Domingos: 17:00 PM-18:30 PM CET
http://deudoresanonimosgrupovilaseca.wordpress.com/reuniones-on-line-por-skype/ Hablamos espa?ol. Los horarios internacionales http://es.thetimenow.com/spain (Hora local de Espa?a Peninsular.) Este grupo se concentra en el estudio de libros (especialmente de los 12 x 12 x 12) y los pasos y herramientas del programa Deudores An?nimos. Mas informaci?n: www.deudoresanonimos.es INFORMATION UPDATED JULY 2017.
Group # 1585

Daily: 24 hrs
DA Together is an online space for mutual support in recovery from problems of money and debt. It includes a live chat box and sub-boards for Compulsive Spenders, Business DA, Underearners, and Actions and Accountability. In order to prevent spam, new members must first register. INFORMATION UPDATED FEBRUARY 2016.
Group # 29161

Weekdays: 7:00 AM -7:30 AM CET
Varmt v?lkommen till BDA (ASF p? svenska). Detta ?r ett online-handlingsm?te, vilket inneb?r att vi delar temat f?r dagen samt anger de tv? ?tg?rder som vi kommer att g?ra i v?rt f?retag varje morgon. Klicka p? https://zoom.us/j/751235928 p? 7 (10 i sju om det ?r f?rsta g?ngen du anv?nder zoom). M?tet ?r p? svenska.
Group # 11718

Thursday: 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM BET
Esta ? uma reuni?o aberta dos Devedores An?nimos na l?ngua portuguesa. A reuni?o concentra-se nas 12 ferramentas e 12 etapas do programa DA e no estudo de livros DA. A reuni?o come?a ?s 20h e termina ?s 21h30, hora do leste brasileiro. INFORMA??O ACTUALIZADA EM JANEIRO DE 2018.
Group # 12518

Usuario skype: dagrupoconciencia
Martes: 22:30 -23:30 PM UTC/GMT
El grupo trabaja el libro Corriente de Esperanza, los pasos, las Tradiciones, las Herramientas, los libros y folletos de servicio de DA. Para conectar utilice el skype. Hablamos espa?ol.
Group # 22718

Login to Skype and add 'DA Health Online' to your contacts
Friday: 8:30 PM -9:30 PM GMT
This is an open English language DA internet meeting which focuses on health as it relates to DA concerns. Please send an Instant Message (IM) to the Host to ask to join the meeting. INFORMATION UPDATED MARCH 2018.
Group # 32618