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Describes why "eternal vigilance" is the price of recovery from compulsive debting. Sharpens our knowledge of external social and cultural pressures to debt-how manipulation and advertising "triggers" affect us. Enhances our insight into our own internal pressures to debt-how our personalities and family histories affect our disease.
Item #P-116, 8 pages, $1.00

Business Debtors Anonymous
Meetings of Business Debtors Anonymous (B.D.A.) are composed of members of the fellowship who are business owners. Explains the warning signs for debting in business and provides tools for running our businesses.
Item #P-122, 8 pages, $1.00

Communicating with Creditors and Debt Repayment
This combination of two formerly separate pamphlets outlines D.A.'s experience in dealing with creditors and repaying them in a spiritual, recovery based way. Addresses how to work through fears, ask for help, use debt moratoriums, make and keep commitments, and meet your needs as well as those of creditors.
Item #P-130 $1.50

Debtors Anonymous
In this introduction to the program, learn why compulsive debting is a disease and how D.A. can help you recover. Includes a questionnaire to help you determine if your problems with money and debt identify you as a compulsive debtor.
Item #P-101, 12 pages, $1.50

Fifteen Questions Leaflet
This 4 by 9-inch checklist of questions will be helpful to newcomers to your meeting and at public information events or mailings.
Item #P-118, package of 10 $3.50

Describes what happens at D.A. meetings and why they are an integral part of our recovery program. Explains what to expect at a meeting, the benefits of attendance, and the gifts of sharing our experience, strength and hope with others.
Item #P-104, 12 pages, $1.00

Pressure Relief Groups and Pressure Relief Meetings
Explains how these unique, powerful tools help remove the pressure from you and encourage you to live an abundant life. Includes how to set up a pressure relief group, what happens at them, and what joy you may experience as you recover from compulsive debting.
Item #P-108, 16 pages, $1.50

Record Keeping
Explains how this foundational tool of D.A. - keeping track of our income, expenses and debt repayment - leads us from vagueness to clarity. Discusses what types of records to keep, what categories to use, and how we can benefit from this powerful tool.
Item #P-105, 12 pages, $1.00

Recovery From Compulsive Spending
Compulsive spending is a need to spend in order to avoid uncomfortable feelings. When we spend despite a decision or desire not to, or spend to our own detriment, we are spending compulsively. Recovery from compulsive spending describes the way life can be unmanageable for a compulsive spender and offers hope for recovery through concrete action steps.

Item #P-127, 13 pages, $1.75

Spending Plan
Explains how this tool help us to put our needs first, so that we need never debt again. Learn the difference between a spending plan and a budget, the different kinds of spending plans, and why a spending plan is our blueprint for financial recovery.
Item #P-106, 16 pages, $1.00.

How do we start to believe in something that can bring about real change in our lives? All we need is honesty, openmindedness, and willingness to begin. The Spirituality pamphlet explains the difference between “religion” and “spirituality,” and offers suggestions to help us connect with our Higher Power.
Item #P-126, 13 pages, $1.75

The Numbers: One Approach
This 10-page booklet is designed to provide specific assistance to DA members seeking ideas about how to set up financial records.
There is no one "right way" to do recordkeeping in DA. This method is based on one approach that many DA members have found helpful. The booklet is a convenient 5.5 x 8.5" size to take with you to Pressure Relief Meetings.
Item #P-128, 10 pages, $2.00

The Promises
Working Steps One through Nine of Debtors Anonymous will produce changes in the debtor. This leaflet describes some of those changes.
Item #P-123, package of 10 $3.50

The Twelve Steps of Debtors Anonymous
Embark upon a spiritual journey with the Twelve Steps of D.A., the source of our unity and the foundation of our recovery. Follow countless other debtors on the path to serenity and freedom from debting by working D.A.'s 12-step program. In this pamphlet you will discover principles to help you create a deeper more fulfilling connection to a power greater than yourself as you transform your relationship to money, debt, spending and earning.
Item #P-125, 20 pages, $2.00

Twelve Signs Leaflet
On card stock, this reasonably priced, single column piece is ideal for newcomers and Share-A-Day events. It provides clear descriptions of debting behaviors.
Item #P-117, package of 10 $3.50

Twelve Tools Leaflet
Members will want this 4 by 9 inch listing of the tools of recovery from compulsive debting. 
Item #P-119, package of 10 $3.50

First pamphlet addressing underearning for the compulsive debtor. Topics include: What is an Underearner? What are the signs of Underearning? How can we recover from Underearning? How does Debtors Anonymous help?
Item #P-124, 16 pages, $1.75

Using the Telephone and the Internet
Describes how this tool helps us reach out for help and free us from our isolation. Discusses the kinds of phone calls we make, whom we call and when, and how it feels to use this tool.  Updated with a discussion about e-mail and other forms of online communication.
Item #P-110, 8 pages, $1.00

Defines the concept of 'visions' in D.A. Shows members how to form a clear, specific picture of what they want to do and to have in their lives. Can act both as a blueprint for meetings or pressure relief groups and as a blueprint for the future.
Item #P-113, 8 pages, $1.00

AA Literature
The Use of AA Literature in DA.
This pamphlet has been discontinued. The text is available to download and print/reproduce for group use.
AA Literature.pdf

Find out why we are anonymous! Clarifies the role of anonymity as a personal and spiritual principle and defines our public relations perspective on anonymity at the level of the mass media.
This pamphlet has been discontinued. The text is available to download and print/reproduce for group use.

Business Meetings
Attendance at business meetings is one of DA's tools, and is an integral part of recovery. This pamphlet describes how we can overcome our reluctance to participate in our group's business, and become productive members.
This pamphlet has been discontinued. The text is available to download and print/reproduce for group use.
Business Meetings.pdf

General Service Office Brochure
Describes how the General Service Office (GSO) acts as the central administration for all activities affecting D.A. members and groups. Explains the functions of the GSO and suggests how groups can support the Fellowship as a whole through the GSO.
This pamphlet has been discontinued.The text is available to download/reproduce for group use.
General Service Office.pdf

The General Service Representative is each group's link between local members and DA's worldwide service structure. The role and responsibilities of the GSR are explained in detail.
This pamphlet has been discontinued. The text is available to download and print/reproduce for group use.

Thoroughly explains service as one of the Twelve Tools of recovery. Describes why service is crucial to our recovery and how we can receive the vast rewards-and avoid the pitfalls-of service. Discusses all levels of service from our local groups to the World Conference.
This pamphlet has been discontinued. The text is available to download and print/reproduce for group use.

Much of our recovery happens in our one-on-one conversations with our sponsors. Find out what to expect from sponsorship, how to obtain a sponsor, and how to reach out with this tool so both participants benefit.
This pamphlet has been discontinued. The text is available to download and print/reproduce for group use. Sponsorship.pdf


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