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Register via the subscription address above and then all sharing is sent to your email address. INFORMATION UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2016.
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an online mailing list
24/7: an online mailing list
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Sunday : 10:00 AM-11:00 AM EST
Please note that the Tuesday evening meeting, previously available through, has been disbanded. INFORMATION UPDATED FEBRUARY 2016.
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Ongoing email list - open sharing. This is an open English language group. Website is Access information:to subscribe, send email to INFORMATION UPDATED MAY 2016.
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Placa Esglesia, 17-1 (A la atencion del Grupo DA Solvencis Skype)
Jueves/Thursday, Domingo/Sunday: J. 16:00 PM-17:00 PM CET
Domingo 17:00 PM - 18:30 PM CET Meeting Sundays (Start time 17:00 h, End time 18:30 h) /// reunion Adicional Domingos (17:00 a 18:30 h)Hablamos español. Los horarios internacionales (Hora local de España Peninsular.) Los Jueves 16:00 Estudio de 12 Pasos. Domingos 17:00h Estudios de las 12 Herramientas y folletos de servicio. Mas informació INFORMATION UPDATED OCTOBER 2016
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DA Together is an online space for mutual support in recovery from problems of money and debt. It includes a live chat box and sub-boards for Compulsive Spenders, Business DA, Underearners, and Actions and Accountability. In order to prevent spam, new members must first register. INFORMATION UPDATED FEBRUARY 2016.
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